One of the most popular blogs on my website was a guide to 25 resources for better blog design. Unfortunately, the original was lost about a year ago. This is a new and updated list of 25 resources for better blog design.

Blog Design Inspiration

1.Color + Design Inspiration – Colour Lovers
2.25 Clean Web Designs for Inspiration – Vandelay Design
3.70 Stunning Responsive Sites for Your Inspiration- Mobify
4.Color Inspiration – Design Seeds
5.Blog Design Heroes

Blog Design Planning

6.Principles of Design (Infographic)- Paper Leaf
7. Anatomy of an Effective Web Design (Infographic)- Web Design Ledger
8.Wireframing for Beginners – Gotta Quirk
9.Wireframes The Beginner’s Guide- The UX Review
10.Gestalt Principles of Design – Emily Rose

WordPress Theme Development

11.Beginning With WordPress Series- WP Tuts+
12.WordPress Codex
13.Instant WordPress
14.Guide To WordPress Coding Standards- Smashing Magazine
15.How To Learn WordPress In One Week (Without Spending a Cent)- WPMU

Publishing Content

16.How to plan better content- Web Designer Depot
17.How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions- Quicksprout
18.Better Content Marketing Strategy Through Persona Research- Raven Tools
19.5 Crucial Resources for Crafting Better Content- Pressly
20.The 16-Step Web Content Audit: Prioritize, Analyze, Refresh, Optimize – Bruce Clay Marketing

WordPress Plugin Management

21.List of Disallowed Plugins – WP Engine
22.Shun the Plugin- WPMU
23.Plugins and Fast WordPress Sites – It’s not the Number of Plugins, It’s the Quality – WP Engine
24.How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Install on Your Site? – WP Beginner
25.Creating a Site-Specific Snippets Plugin- Otto on WordPress

What are your go to resources for blog design and inspiration?

Image Credit: "Flowery Drops" by ruben alexander is licensed under CC BY NC SA
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