One of the most popular blogs on my website was a guide to 25 resources for better blog design. Unfortunately, the original was lost about a year ago. This is a new and updated list of 25 resources for better blog design.

Blog Design Inspiration

1.Color + Design Inspiration – Colour Lovers
2.25 Clean Web Designs for Inspiration – Vandelay Design
3.70 Stunning Responsive Sites for Your Inspiration– Mobify
4.Color Inspiration – Design Seeds
5.Blog Design Heroes

Blog Design Planning

6.Principles of Design (Infographic)– Paper Leaf
7. Anatomy of an Effective Web Design (Infographic)– Web Design Ledger
8.Wireframing for Beginners – Gotta Quirk
9.Wireframes The Beginner’s Guide– The UX Review
10.Gestalt Principles of Design – Emily Rose

WordPress Theme Development

11.Beginning With WordPress Series– WP Tuts+
12.WordPress Codex
13.Instant WordPress
14.Guide To WordPress Coding Standards– Smashing Magazine
15.How To Learn WordPress In One Week (Without Spending a Cent)– WPMU

Publishing Content

16.How to plan better content– Web Designer Depot
17.How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions– Quicksprout
18.Better Content Marketing Strategy Through Persona Research– Raven Tools
19.5 Crucial Resources for Crafting Better Content– Pressly
20.The 16-Step Web Content Audit: Prioritize, Analyze, Refresh, Optimize – Bruce Clay Marketing

WordPress Plugin Management

21.List of Disallowed Plugins – WP Engine
22.Shun the Plugin– WPMU
23.Plugins and Fast WordPress Sites – It’s not the Number of Plugins, It’s the Quality – WP Engine
24.How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Install on Your Site? – WP Beginner
25.Creating a Site-Specific Snippets Plugin– Otto on WordPress

What are your go to resources for blog design and inspiration?

Image Credit: "Flowery Drops" by ruben alexander is licensed under CC BY NC SA
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