Whoa, wait up, this is super important! The FTC requires that all publishers accepting advertising maintain a disclosure policy. This means that you must disclose that relationship even if you did not receive compensation [i.e you received a free gift]. As a publisher it is your responsibility to understand the FTC rules and abide by them.

This guide published in 2000 by the FTC contains guidance about the current rules for “Dot Com” advertising. The rules are currently being revised with the help of the public.

Cirquedumot abides by the standards set by WOMMA .

Types of Advertising on Cirquedumot

Sponsored Posts – This means that an advertiser has paid me to discuss their product or given me a free sample/account to evaluate their product and discuss it. I usually use Social Spark, but will also accept solicitations sent to me via my contact form. I reserve the right to refuse the offer without notifying the sender. All sponsored posts begin with a link to this disclosure policy, identify the nature of the relationship with the advertiser, and will contain links with the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Referral/Affiliate Links – One of the most common ways for bloggers to earn money. These links will be identified by their title text, but not in type on individual posts/pages. You can assume that if a product is mentioned that it might contain such a link. I only link to products in this way that I have used and recommend. I will earn a portion of the purchase price if you choose to buy.

I appreciate your trust and will not endorse a product that doesn’t meet my high personal standards. I have a reputation for using quality tools and would not risk that to make a profit off of my readers. When it comes to advertising, I think deeply on the impact it will have on others.

Clients/Employer – As an employee of Gygax Magazine I may discuss the company from time to time. These opinions are solely my own thoughts and are not representative of my employer’s opinions.

I also do freelance work as a copywriter and may discuss work for my clients from time to time. I will always disclose this relationship at the top of such a post with a link to this disclosure policy page.

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